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Client Testimonials

Here’s Dash’s video testimonial.  He’s waiting for me (Sara) to pick him up for the dog park.

Dash on “Sara” Day


“Just wanted to tell you again how much we LOVE having Kolby be a part
of Denver Hound Hikers! I think we get as excited as he does when his
hike/playtime comes around. And the website is just awesome! You’ve
got a great thing going – keep it up!” — Amanda

Although we initially tried Denver Hound Hikers to give Barlow something to do,
we have learned that Sara does so much more than that. Sara takes her charges very
seriously and is the consummate professional. Not only is Sara bonded and insured,
she is a a good steward for all dog owners by complying with leash laws and leading by example.
She has also helped Barlow with his obedience commands and rules of the trail. I would recommend
Sara and Denver Hound Hikers to anyone who wants a happier and better behaved dog.” — Julia

“My husband and I adopted our beloved husky, Kayla, from a shelter about five
months ago. Due to the tough experiences she had before her adoption, it is
of utmost important to us that she feel loved and not abandoned when I have to
travel for work or cannot be with her during the day. So when I heard about
Denver Hound Hikers, I was very relieved to find out about the very
personalized care they provide. It meant alot to me that they set up an
appointment just to come talk meet us beforehand and to get to know Kayla’s
needs and quirks. Kayla was a bit shy the first time she went on a dog walk,
but the next time around she had grown very accustomed to her dog walker and
as the words left on a note on my refrigerator said, “She was like a
different dog.” It gives me peace of mind to know that I can entrust her in their
care.” —Amanda M.

“My husband and I both thought that once the kids were out of the house we’d have more time for our much loved border collie, Yoda. But it didn’t work out that way. Instead, we found ourselves becoming more involved in our
business, spending more time out with friends and traveling more often. In reality we rarely had time to walk Yoda and were racked with guilt. Yoda seemed lethargic and was gaining weight.Denver Hound Hikers came to our rescue. Yoda loves her walks and hikes. Not only does she get fantastic exercise but she gets to socialize with other dogs. Now, when I do get a chance to walk her, she behaves much better around other dogs. Moreover, she is healthier, happier and thinner. When our daughter recently came home from college she even commented on Yoda’s improved appearance and increased energy.Having Yoda happy is a huge relief for our family and certainly worth every penny. Denver Hound hikers has been a life saver. They clearly love what they do,are absolutely professional and totally reliable. We couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank You!” —Joannie

“Our dogs are more excited when Denver Hound Hikers show up than when me and my wife get home!! It is good to know they are getting exercise when our lives are hectic and their reaction to DHH walkers is so enthusiastic, we know they are being well  taken care of. Best of all, DHH has saved us many times when last minute trips have popped up. I can not imagine put our “kids” in a kennel of some type and DHH has come through for us in a pinch time and time again.” —Brandon

“My dog, Bear, has been a Denver Hound Hiker for over 2 years. Sara and her team are great – they truly love animals and it shows in the level of care they provide. I have taken advantage of all of the services DHH has to offer – each one provides a great opportunity for your dog to exercise and/or socialize. Denver Hound Hikers has been very accommodating to my dog’s needs as as well as my ever-changing schedule, and has provided me a great peace of mind. I trust Sara implicitly and know that DHH provides Bear with the same kind of love and attention I do!” —Elizabeth

“When we first moved to Colorado, my dog Beau developed severe separation anxiety and would bark for over an hour when I left. I also was working at home, which increased his dependency. I tried doggie day care, but he absolutely hated it. Thankfully, his weekly trips with Denver Hound Hikers brought back his confidence˜and my sanity!”

— Andrea & Beau

“When Kolby, our chocolate lab, sees Sara pull up to the curb he starts jumping around in circles–he can hardly wait to get out the door. Kolby goes to DHH twice a week and his health, energy level, and physique are better for it. Plus, he’s just a happier dog. As long as we have dogs, they’ll be enrolled in Denver Hound Hikers.”

“Since we began using Denver Hound Hikers, our Tibetan Terrier Casey is a happier, healthier pup!
When I began law school I knew Casey’s life would change dramatically; he went from having me around every
day—for walks, dog-park trips, and treats—to getting less than adequate exercise and attention. Denver Hound
Hikers now comes on Tuesdays and Casey loves his outings to Chatfield! He (along with my husband and I) are all
sleeping soundly now that Casey gets a good romp in with DHH.”

“We had just moved to Denver and interviewed 3 or 4 dog walkers and Hound Hikers was by far the best in show!
We picked Denver Hound Hikers based on their personality, flexibility, and the professionalism in which they run their business. Our dogs (and cat) have improved health, higher energy, and look forward to the time they get with their Denver Hound Hiker! Don’t know what we would do with out them.” — Dan and Courtney

“Oscar (mini Schnauzer) loves his mid-day walks with Hound Hikers! I have been thrilled with the service and care that has been provided; it gives me peace of mind to know that a responsible Hound Hiker walker is checking on him during the day. Thank you for providing great customer service and flexibility!”

Our dog Hazel waits at the window for Sara to pick her up every Tuesday. When they arrive she gets so excited she can hardly stand it. It without question, the best part of her week. And we love it too. A happy tired dog makes a peaceful home. We have complete trust in Sara and her team at The Denver Hound Hikers. They are responsible, experienced, good hearted people that love our pet as much as we do. We can’t thank you enough!
Christy & Brad Kemp

“Sara is a god-send. She is extremely professional, reliable, conscientious and clearly loves her job! And my dog Beau absolutely loves her and his weekly outings with her to Chatfield State Park (which I get to see via Sara’s great digital photos). He comes back happy and tuckered out!” — Andrea & Beau

“Sara was a tremendous help with my dog Max. Max was an older dog with special needs, and Sara always took great care of him and was careful not to over-do his exercise. When Max became ill, Sara was checking on him daily for me when I couldn’t be there, and even helped me take him to the vet in an emergency. No one has a bigger heart for animals than Sara. She will always be my first choice when it comes to pet care.” — Steve

“My dog Tucker is in Sara’s Tuesday morning Chatfield group and without a doubt, it is his favorite day of the week! My having to work full-time definitely limits the amount of time and exercise Tucker gets during the week, so having Sara pick him up and drop him off mid-week is just the break he needs.  Sara is extremely reliable and I trust her completely with my dog.” — Emily

“As most dog owners do, we started taking Barlow to one of those doggie daycare places to make sure that he got some exercise and a little company while we were at work. Well, Barlow did get exercise, but he also experienced much more. He was absolutely stressed out and overwhelmed in this environment. When we would drop him off in the morning, he refused to get out of the car. When we picked him up, he couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there. Doggie daycare days became the most dreaded day of the week and Barlow started to become less confident and a whole lot more demanding of our attention when we were home.

And then we found Denver Hound Hikers!
In just a few short weeks, Barlow has undergone a miraculous transformation. Not only does he get tired out on his hikes with Sara, he has become a much happier pooch! He is much more relaxed when meeting new dogs and people. He actually has the confidence to engage children and other dogs in play, something that he has had a very hard time with in the past.

Sara and Denver Hound Hikers was a significant part of why we were able to finally get a puppy. As a working couple, we have real peace of mind knowing that Sara and other Hound Hikers are spending time playing and
teaching our puppy Hunter the doggie ropes. She is absolutely incredible with Hunter and is a qualified source of information and knowledge on everything from dog care and training to local news on dog parks and hiking
spots. We don’t know who gets more excited for Sara’s visits Hunter or us. We recommend Denver Hound Hikers to anyone looking to enrich their dog’s daily grind with fun getaways. — Dax and Jen